I don't march to my own beat. I strut.

When I’m trying out a new look and my friends call me out


I'm funky

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German for grim


"Grimm Household Stories" are called Grimm because that is German for grim.


my kind of glory hole

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I will be attending the San Diego Comics Convention. Come find me at booth 1833 (with Oni Press for scheduled signings.) For those who do not yet possess the two volumes constituting the’ best of tragedy series’ chap-books, I will be bringing a few to sign and sketch in. If you cannot find me send a messenger bird and I will do my best to respond; Hope to see you there. 


Love all the DIY details in this real Rustic Inspired Barn Wedding up on Styled & Wed now! | Photos by Megan Welker Photography

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she is my hero

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